There used to be a Swedish radio station really worth listening to. I grew up listening to tracks like these until the golden days of this radio station were put to an end sometime in 1996. The station is apparently still around namewise but i bet by now it’ll sound like every other commercial radio station out there. I really miss the DJ:s on Bandit 105.5.

The torch appears to have been passed though, to another nice little radio station called Rocket 95.3fM, but i’d still like to take this opportunity to revive the magic of the years leading up to 1996, before the end of Bandit 105.5

I’ve compiled this playlist of as many songs i can remember being played on that station, let me know if I’ve missed a song that really should be in here.

#20091211 – time capsule: 1993-1996 (Bandit 105.5) (82 tracks in total)

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